Kitchen Cabinetry

Geelong kitchen cabinetry
Geelong Kitchen Renovations With Bond Kitchens can manage your kitchen project from beginning until its completion, and we do it in a systematic approach. With that said, you are guaranteed to get professional results that are within your budget and as scheduled.

Hiring us as your cabinet specialist means that you don’t have to sacrifice your project by using the usual pre built cabinetry.  With us, you are guaranteed that your cabinet is made to your liking and according to your project specifications.

Kitchen Cabinet Types

  • Kitchen Shakers
    This is the common style for cabinets today, and a shaker-style cabinet is made up of five pieces of flat-panel, putting up a frame with four pieces with a single flat centre panel. The reason why this is popular is because of the simple and classic look it gives off, and it is best for either a traditional or contemporary design styles.
  • Louvered Kitchen Cabinets
    Louvered kitchen cabinets feature horizontal wooden slats. It has a design that is typically seen on magazines or furniture showrooms. Louvered cabinets will really put a unique touch to your kitchen cabinetry. Louvered cabinets are ideal for areas that need ventilation for this type of cabinet has spaces between each slat.
  • Flat-Panel or Slab Kitchen Cabinets
    This is also referred to as “slab” cabinet doors. Flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors are straightforward yet offer a stylish look. The flat-panel kitchen cabinet style boasts bold and hard lines with a minimalist form. The look of the simple flat-panel cabinet allows it to be a great batch for either contemporary or modern kitchens.
  • Distressed Kitchen Cabinet
    This is great for antique-looking kitchens. Distressed kitchen cabinets are made available from most manufacturers, and they come in any door style, be it smooth corners and other distressed finishes to create that old feel.

The Trusted Cabinet Specialists
If you are in need of installing a French-style cabinet, then you need a kitchen cabinet expert like us. Keep in mind that the kitchen must be functional enough to cater to the needs of the individual homeowner. In coming up with a design for your kitchen, make sure that the flow and movement of the kitchen space is well thought of and that the kitchen applicants are well-placed. For all your kitchen cabinetry design, installation and needs, we are the company to call.